Work Culture

As a full service hospital in the Middle East, Zulekha Hospital is committed to the well-being and care of its employees as well as its patients. At Zulekha Hospital, we are committed to a work culture that motivates, values and recognises the employees.

Zulekha Hospital has created a culture of service excellence and all employees are encouraged and rewarded for innovation and change. The hospital fosters a family-like atmosphere as we believe people who feel valued bring their best to work each day!

At Zulekha, we are focused on various competencies and building a productive work environment and we all work together and welcome suggestions for continuous quality improvement.The Zulekha management considers its human resource as the greatest assets and utilises all resources to enhance our service standard to the international level by conducting training programmes to our manpower as per the requirement of the patients.

Being a part of Zulekha team means you have the opportunity to work with highly skilled experienced medical professionals from across the globe that delivers exceptional patient care and incorporates the latest medical advancements.

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